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PRP Hair Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, is a treatment applied in the form of injection of blood taken from the person into the necessary body tissues after undergoing a number of procedures.PRP treatment can be applied as a remedy for aesthetic problems such as skin rejuvenation and hair loss.However, the treatment is not only used for aesthetic purposes, as it is also used to accelerate the healing process of injured ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints.PRP Hair application is a treatment method that contributes to individuals with sparse and weak hair to make their hair healthy and strong again.PRP Hair treatment, which provides great benefits in a short time, has become one of the most effective methods applied to prevent hair loss.With PRP Hair application, materials taken from the person’s blood are applied to the scalp, thus aiming to repair the hair follicles.


Advantages of PRP Hair Treatment:

  • Natural and Safe: PRP involves injecting rich plasma from the patient’s own blood into the scalp.It is therefore a natural and safe treatment method.
  • Revitalizes Hair Roots: PRP reduces hair loss by revitalizing hair follicles and supports new hair growth.
  • Personalized Treatment: A customized treatment plan is created according to the needs of each patient.This increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Fast and Effective: PRP hair treatment can be applied quickly and patients can usually return to their daily activities immediately.
  • Application Areas: In addition to hair loss, PRP can be used in different areas such as accelerating recovery after hair transplantation, eyebrows and beard area.

Local anesthesia is applied during PRP Hair Treatment, so patients do not feel pain.This offers patients a comfortable treatment experience.

The treatment includes careful preparation of the scalp, blood sampling, PRP application and post-procedure care.Every step is carried out meticulously.

A special care plan is created for patients after PRP treatment.This plan is designed to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

PRP treatment results are usually evident within a few months.Patients regain healthier, vibrant and lush hair.

The recovery process varies from individual to individual, but usually patients can quickly return to their daily activities.Symptoms such as swelling or redness are temporary.


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