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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medicine prepared by a physician that contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elements that increase cell production.It can be safely applied by injecting the necessary doses into the areas needed in the eyes, face, neck, décolleté, hair, legs, abdomen, hands and feet.

How is Mesotherapy Applied?

It is applied with small injections under the skin.

For Which Problems Is Mesotherapy Used?

•  Cellulite
•  Hair Loss
•  Scar marks
•  Facial rejuvenation (Anti-aging)
•  Regional lubrication

Which Areas Can Mesotherapy Be Applied To?

•  Face (forehead, cheeks, chin, around the eyes)
•  Neck, tickle
•  Cleavage
•  Hands
•  Arm
•  Leg
•  Belly, abdomen
•  Scalp

What is Eye Mesotherapy, How Does It Work?

Lifestyle and the passage of time lead to changes in the skin, especially around the eyes; dryness of the skin increases, muscles weaken, eyelids fall with loss of elasticity and fine wrinkles appear.With aging, the lower eyelids also begin to loosen and become baggy.With the accumulation of fat and fluids, they turn into eyelid bags and spread over the cheekbone with the effect of gravity.Eye Mesotherapy is a method applied for dark circles around the eyes, eyelid edema, fine wrinkles in the form of lines and bags under the eyes due to genetic factors, stress, circulatory disorders and other observed reasons.

How is Eye Mesotherapy Applied?

It is injected under the skin in small amounts using very thin needles of 4-6 mm in length in a period of 5-10 minutes.While it increases collagen production with the peptide it contains and creates a firmer skin, it increases circulation with vitamins and antioxidants and provides cell renewal.Application areas; Although the session intervals vary from person to person, it can be applied on average once a week or every 15 days.From the first session, the effect of increased blood circulation, reduction in bruises, elasticity around the eyes and improvement in wrinkles begins to be seen.

How Long Does the Application Take?

It is applied once a week for 4 weeks and the effect of the application starts to be seen from the first session.

What is Face, Neck and Cleavage Mesotherapy (Mesolift)?

Mesolifting is an effective treatment method based on injecting a mixture of vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids under the skin with tiny needles.It increases collagen and elastin production of the skin and provides regeneration.
The skin gets a brighter appearance.Sagging decreases by increasing the elasticity of the skin.Direct delivery of these beneficial substances to the skin and stimulation of the skin increases collagen and elastin production, increases skin hydration and regenerates the skin.

How is Mesolift Applied?

The application starts by cleansing and disinfecting the skin.Anesthetic cream can be applied half an hour before the procedure.The prepared mixture is injected into or on the skin with very small and thin needles.

After 6 sessions of facial mesotherapy, monthly preventive treatments are started.Protective mesotherapy is necessary and sufficient for vibrant, glowing, healthy skin.The results of facial mesotherapy (mesolift) begin to appear after the second session.After the treatment is over, the skin regeneration effect continues.

Which Problems Is Mesolift Used for?

Mezolift can solve all problems that are signs of aging.

•  Wrinkle
•  Elimination of color inequalities in the skin
•  Lightening the color of the skin and making it look more vibrant
•  Removal of lubrications on the skin
•  Treatment of skin spots
•  Pimple scar
•  Acne scar

How Long Does the Application Take?

According to the skin problem, 6-10 sessions of application are performed.After the treatment is over, protection treatments can be performed once a month to ensure the permanence of the results and the continuity of the healthy bright appearance of the skin.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

It is the application of mesotherapy medication to the scalp with the help of small and thin needles.Mesotherapy is especially beneficial in “androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss)” where a shrinkage of the hair follicle is observed and a shortening of the “anagen phase”, which is the hair formation and growth phase, is detected.This medication, compounded by the doctor, contains substances essential for hair.These substances increase blood circulation, dilate blood vessels and regenerate connective tissue.Vitamins are also building blocks that support hair.

The procedure in question is on the scalp:
•  Allows the existing hair to be brought to the skin surface.
•  Strengthens hair follicles.
•  Makes hair shinier.
•  Prevents hair from being affected by external factors.
•  The hair gains strength and clings harder to the skin.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

It is applied for 5-10 sessions according to the hair problem.The application duration is 20-25 minutes.The application period can be set to 1 in 2 weeks.In special cases, this period may be extended and shortened.Mesotherapy can be performed for protection in non-chronic hair loss.

How Long Does the Application Take?

Depending on the problem in the hair, 5-10 sessions are applied.The application duration is 20-30 minutes.The application period can be determined as 1 in 15 days, or it can be adjusted according to your needs as deemed appropriate by the physician.It can be applied to people with hair loss problems for treatment, or it can be applied for protection to people who do not have any problems.


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