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With the filler application used to re-volume the face, remove wrinkles and deep lines on the skin, reshape the under-eye and cheek areas, all these problems are eliminated and the skin regains its natural voluminous structure.

What is the Filler Used?

The substance used in the filling is Hyaluronic Acid.Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found in all living micro-organisms, so it is abundant in human skin at a young age.As this substance begins to decrease with age, the skin loses its form and wrinkles appear.Hyaluronic Acid is a substance with intense water retention properties and provides volume, elasticity and accelerates cell renewal after application.

In Which Areas Is Facial Filler Used?

•  Laughing lines (Nasolabial lines)
•  Facial lines (Perioral lines – Lines around the lips) çizgileri)
•  In the lines at the edge of the lip (Marionette lines)
•  In the scars
•  On the cheeks
•  In the clarification of cheekbones
•  Under-eye hollows
•  To give volume at the tip of the jaw
•  Nose correction
It is successfully used in these areas.

What Effect Does Facial Filler Show?

With fillers, you can remove the collapses, sagging and wrinkles that you are uncomfortable with on your face and have a voluminous and vibrant appearance that will make you look younger.

What is the Duration of Effect of Facial Filler?

The average duration of permanence in facial fillers is 12-24 months.


Over time, the lips begin to thin and lose their shape and fullness.Hyaluronic acid filler can be used to restore the lips to their former fullness.

What Effect Does Lip Filling Show?

It is possible to have fuller and more natural lips by injecting the substance into the lips at the dose previously determined by the physician.With lip filling, it is possible to plump and thicken the lips, and make the line between red lips and white lips more prominent.

What is the Duration of Effect of Lip Filler?

patients can have full lips for 6-8 months.The duration of persistence increases with repetitive applications.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty, which you can use for all problems related to your nose such as arched nose, curvatures in the nose, low nose tip, is applied for patients who are afraid of having plastic surgery.The procedure aims to increase the patient’s self-confidence and provide a better quality of life.The aesthetically desired appearance is obtained by injecting the filling material made by the physician into the problematic areas where there is discomfort in the nose.
Its durability is 1 year.

How is the Filling Application Performed?

The area is numbed with cream 15-20 minutes before the application.It is applied with fine-tipped needles to the areas previously determined by your doctor.The procedure is mildly painful.The treatment is completed in as little as 20-30 minutes.Slight redness and edema may occur for 12-24 hours after application.This situation is temporary.

Can Patients Who Have Had Fillers Have Botox?

Yes, especially in patients with deep mimic lines, its application together with botox gives much better results.

Are There Any Side Effects of Filling Application?

Side effects that may occur during hyaluronic acid filling procedures are very rarely bruising and edema.These symptoms decrease and disappear within 12-24 hours.It is very important to keep the product sterile and under appropriate conditions during filling applications.It should not be forgotten that these applications are personalized applications.If swelling occurs after filling, you can massage gently, this is not a problem.Applications such as laser, dermabrasion or chemical peeling should not be performed together with filling applications.


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