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What is Diamond?

It is a medical lifting method that reduces sagging in various parts of the body, primarily in the face and neck area, which has been increasingly used in Europe and America in recent years.Carbolic acid is the active ingredient of Diamond, a patented product that reduces sagging and wrinkles as a result of the tension it creates in the skin by increasing muscle tone (tension).

How is Diamond applied?

It is injected into the muscle tissue of the area where sagging or wrinkle removal is desired. Diamond has no burning or painful effect on the muscle. In order to make the application comfortable, local anesthetic creams are used to reduce the pain that may occur due to injection. Depending on the width of the area to be applied, the total procedure time takes around 15-30 minutes.

What is Diamond's effect?

Diamond, which consists of fatty acids obtained from peanuts, increases the tension of the muscle into which it is injected, while there is no decrease in the contractile activity of the muscle.As a result of the increased tension of the muscle, it recovers sagging and provides wrinkle removal by stretching the skin just above it.

Which areas is it applied to?

Diamond has a very wide range of applications. It is used for the removal of wrinkle lines on the forehead, lip edge and above the face, as well as very successfully applied for lifting the entire face. In addition, sagging under the chin and on the neck are also important areas of operation for Diamond. Apart from these, applications such as cleavage lifting, recovery of sagging in the upper arm area, recovery of sagging in the belly, hip and groin area, tightening of cellulite skin are often included in the areas of use of Diamond.

When does the effect of Diamond start and how long does it last?

As a result of Diamond application, the effect starts to occur in a short time like 10-30 minutes. The effect lasts for 6-8 months after application. Since it is completely reversible at the end of this period, consecutive applications can be easily performed for years. As a result of successive applications, Diamond’s duration of effects is also prolonged. Another approach is maintenance treatment with multiple low-dose Diamonds every two months. This ensures that the positive effects are sustained.

What are the advantages of Diamond?

The most important factor in the reliable application of this method is that it has the approval of the Ministry of Health and European CE. Diamond offers a significant advantage in reducing wrinkles as well as getting rid of sagging painlessly without surgical intervention. The absence of risks such as scarring, necrosis, nerve damage that may occur during surgical operations or the fact that a lifting effect made with an operation continues for a very long time provides a very comfortable use. In addition, the fact that the effect is reversible after a while after the application is an important gain compared to surgery. It is also one of the important advantages that the muscles in the applied areas do not become immobilized and facial expressions do not disappear as in Botox. However, Diamond application is not an alternative to Botox in terms of wrinkle removal, rather they work as complementary to each other.

Are there any contraindications to the use of Diamond and are there any side effects?

Diamond should not be considered in pregnant women, people under 18 years of age, people with severe peanut allergy, herpes infections and people with cardiomyopathy. Apart from that, it is a very comfortable application to a very large extent. Although not very often, especially during the first application, edema may develop at the application site. This condition passes after a short time. Avoiding hot drinks on the day of the application, avoiding intense sunbathing for three days and using vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and sunscreen creams will ensure that the effectiveness remains in an ideal condition and swelling in the application area is prevented.

The Diamond Technique

– It is a preparation made of fatty acids that creates gaps between muscle fibers, creating a rapid lifting of muscle mass that can be restored after 6-8 months.

– A method for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, ENT and facial surgeons, dermatologists, medical aestheticians.

– In less than 30 minutes, lifting can be done (chemical lifting without scarring).
It also provides volumetric tightening of the skin (middle 1/3 of the face)

– It tightens the skin in every area where it is applied.

– Used for fast and effective correction of bad-looking, bag-like platysma bands in the form of a low jowls and for improving the physical quality of the skin.

– It helps to eliminate the non-aesthetic problem caused by hyperactivity of the muscles above the lips.

– In terms of effectiveness, easy controllability and long-lasting effect, the most suitable place to apply the DIAMOND technique is the muscles.

– No signs of tissue death or abscesses were observed during the studies.

Advantages of Diamond Technique in Face and Neck Applications

– It provides a painless chemical lifting without surgical interventions.

– In face and neck lifting, significant results are achieved quickly without any scarring by chemical means.

– Face and neck lifting with DIAMOND technique lasts for 6-8 months.

– It helps surgical face lifts to last longer.

– The DIAMOND technique can be an alternative to Botulinum toxin injection by acting on the lower 1/3 of the face without paralyzing the muscles.

– The DIAMOND technique is an alternative to methods that provide skin tightening with chemical agents. Changes in the muscles are almost completely restored.

Other Interesting Indications for the Diamond Technique

– The DIAMOND technique is a carbolic acid muscle peeling injection and is a new method for the following indications
– Rapid gluteal lifting: Using up to 20 ml, the fat under the buttocks is lifted upwards.

– To achieve a convexity in the hip area.

– Reducing hip width.

– Improving the skin quality of the buttocks area.

– Providing a more youthful tightness to the buttocks area: This effect occurs after 30 minutes and is at its best after 3 hours.

Improvement in cellulite

Prof. Hiro Taro Fukuoka from Tokyo, Japan has recently used DIAMOND in combination with stem cell proteins for neck rejuvenation. The results were much better than DIAMOND and stem cell proteins alone.

Results achieved by Diamond Techniques

Skin tightening is achieved due to immediate size changes in the injected muscle. Rapid improvement in the appearance of cellulite (orange skin). The skin looks like it has been ironed or exfoliated. The bad-looking bagged jowl-chin contour is corrected. Many muscles are injected to improve the contour of the chin and poor-looking baggy jowls. The muscles involved are: Depressor, Buccinator, Masseter, Medial pterygoideus, Digastric, Mylohyoideus, Geniohyoideus


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