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Alexandrite Systems are approved by the American healthcare organization FDA. It is especially effective on dark hair follicles. It is a laser system that can achieve very successful results in people with white skin and black hair follicles.

How is Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Performed?

The user and the practitioner wear goggles that protect the eyes from laser beams. With the cooling system, destructive energy is sent to the hair follicles while the skin surface is cooled during the session. The wavelength is 755 mm. Repetitive laser pulses are applied to the skin to scan a specific area. Thus, new hair formation in the growing hair follicles is completely or partially stopped for a long time. After the application, the patient leaves the session completely free of unwanted hair. The application minimizes the effects such as blemishing and burning on the skin while removing unwanted hair.

Redness may occur after the session. This redness disappears within 1-2 hours. Moisturizing creams are sufficient for localized redness.

The application period is short. It is a very practical and hygienic application.

What Should Be Considered When Starting Alexandrite Laser?

Before the first session, the hairs should be seen without shaving.
At the beginning of the sessions, the area to be epilated is shortened with a razor.However, since the first detection before laser is very important in the face area, shortening is not performed.The best results in hair follicles are obtained during the active growth phase.For this reason, procedures such as waxing and epilation should not be performed until at least 3 weeks before the session.There should be no sunbathing and solarium for tanning at least 1 month before the laser hair removal session.Recent sunbathing should be reported to the specialist.

Which Skin and Hair Types is it Effective on?

Alexandrite laser is very effective for a person with light skin and black hair.It is not effective on blonde and white colored hairs.
Alexandrite Laser, which is frequently preferred by men, is also successfully applied between the eyebrows, nape, chest area, above the cheekbone and on the back.It is a preferred method for ingrown hairs, ingrown hairs and hair follicle inflammation.

Why Is More Than One Session Required for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal devices can only affect the roots of actively growing hairs in the treated area.Since part of the hair follicle is at rest, not all hairs grow at the same time.Therefore, newly emerging hairs should be cleaned with repetitive applications at intervals of 1-2 months.Between the main sessions, a control and touch-up session is performed on days 15-20.An average of 6 sessions of laser application, usually at 1-2 month intervals, is sufficient to get results.

What is the Reason for the Price Differences between Centers?

Factors such as the Hair Removal Device used, laser energy value, experience and expertise of the person performing the application may cause differences in laser hair removal prices between centers.
Again, in patients with high hair density, price differences occur as the number of laser shots will increase.



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