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Thread facelift; It is an aesthetic procedure that provides tension in the face and neck area by using special flat or awned PDO type surgical threads that create an absorption effect.This procedure is a very safe, effective, permanent and practical aesthetic application that provides facial contouring.

Which Areas Can Be Treated with Spider Web Aesthetics?

  • Wrinkles and sagging on the face,
  • Wrinkles found under the eyelids,
  • Eyebrow raising,
  • Under the chin and tickle area,
  • Wrinkles in the mouth, cheeks and lips,
  • Deep wrinkles in the upper neck area.

How is Spider Web Aesthetics Performed?

There are various types and structures of monofilament yarns depending on the technique to be used.These threads vary in diameter from 0.05 mm to 0.15 mm and in length from 3 cm to 24 cm.Thanks to their wide size range, they can be easily applied all over the body.The application starts by cleaning the face and local anesthetic cream is applied.Threads placed in fine-tipped needles or cannulas are placed in the lower part of the skin in a cross position with each other in the area previously determined and marked by the specialist physician.This cross placement allows the threads to hold on to the tissues more firmly and securely.By means of these threads placed on the face, the desired tightness is achieved on the skin.In this way, collagen production in the skin is also triggered and the production of the collagen substance containing fibroblasts is increased.Non-surgical thread facelift application takes between 30 and 45 minutes.After the procedure, bruising and edema may occur at a level that does not affect social life and passes after a few days.

What is the Duration of Effect of Spider Web Aesthetics?

Although the application varies according to the person, it maintains its effectiveness on the face for at least 24 months.


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