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What is Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA, obtained from salmon milk, retains 10 thousand times its volume of water, ensures the moisture balance of the skin and starts the skin’s instant regeneration process.The gradual decrease in factors such as blood circulation of tissues, oxygenation of cells, collagen and elastin, proteins that tighten the skin, causes the signs of aging to appear.The similarity of Salmon DNA to human DNA and its ability to complement these factors, which will ensure the moisture balance of the skin, ensures that the skin is renewed, refreshed and has a younger appearance.

To Which Regions Can Salmon DNA Be Applied?

Rejuvenation of the face, neck and cleavage area

    • Rejuvenation and moisture repair of the hands
    • Repair and rejuvenation of the lip area
    • Brightening of the eye contour, removal of dark under-eye circles, puffiness and bags
    • Treating stretch marks
    • Treatment of genetic and environmental hair loss
    • Treatment of acne and scars
    • In the treatment of sagging seen in various parts of the body

How is the Salmon DNA Application Performed?

Salmon DNA treatment is applied in two stages.In the first stage, hyaluronic acid treatment for about 2 weeks helps the skin regain the moisture it has lost and creates the necessary infrastructure for Salmon DNA vaccination.In the second stage, Salmon DNA, which is obtained from the milk of salmon fish and has the same chemical structure as human DNA, is injected into the skin by mesolift method.With this process, the protein deficiencies of the skin are completed and the skin is provided with a younger and more vibrant appearance.

Since there is no surgical procedure, anesthesia is not required and people can return to their daily lives immediately.
After the application, there may be very slight redness only in the needle hole areas.
These redness disappear in a short time and it looks as if nothing has been applied to the skin.

Session intervals are adjusted according to the age and structure of the skin.Sometimes combined treatments can also be applied according to the needs of the skin.Salmon DNA application can be easily combined with other treatments.

What are the Benefits of Salmon DNA?

  • It treats deteriorated and dry skin caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays and smoking.
  • Helps the skin regain its moist, vibrant and radiant appearance.
  • It increases the elasticity of the skin and prevents deep wrinkles at the beginning of sagging.
  • Delays skin aging.
  • Helps to remove wrinkles.
  • It removes crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes on thin and dry skin.
  • It lightens the horizontal lines on the forehead that show the traces of years.
  • It helps prevent under-eye bags and lines around the lips, which are signs of aging.


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