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Permanent Eyeliner application is an application preferred especially by those who are allergic to cosmetic products, those who want their eyelashes to look more lush, those who have low eyes and are uncomfortable with this or those who complain that their eyes are small. Thanks to permanent eye makeup, the eyes come to the fore; large eyes can be normalized, adjacent eyes can be separated or small eyes can be made large.

With What Techniques is Permanent Eyeliner Applied?

Permanent eyeliner and deepliner can be applied only under the eyes, only above the eyes or both under and above the eyes.The most natural of the makeup applications to be made on the eye is to fill your eyelash bases, making the eyelashes look more lush and darker.This makes it possible to look natural and well-groomed at all times.

How to Apply Permanent Eyeliner?

Before starting the application, the area is numbed by applying anesthetic creams. The process is completed with a special device on the drawing previously made by the permanent makeup specialist and the permanence of the application is ensured.The most important point to be considered in permanent eye makeup application is to make a drawing suitable for the eye structure.

Which Brands Are Used?

The quality of the lengths used in permanent makeup is very important for your health and permanence. The brands we use in our outpatient clinic are Reza’s, Long-timer and Goldeneye.

How Long Does It Last?

The duration of permanent makeup application for ringworm varies eyeliner on your skin structure, but it is 2 – 5 years.

How Many Sessions Will The Process Be Completed in?

The permanent eyeliner process is completed in one session.


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