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What is Dermapen?

With the application of Permanent Eyebrow Contouring with Hair Technique, eyebrows can be provided to individuals who have no eyebrows, eyebrows can be made more lush by increasing the hair density in thinned or shed eyebrows, or eyebrows can be created in harmony with your face and shaped eyebrows by correcting the inequalities in the eyebrows.

How is the 3D Hair Technique Performed?

The process is done with Microblading (3D hair technique) with a professional machine.After the eyebrow design is drawn, it is the process of drawing fine hair shapes in the direction of the hair to give the appearance of eyebrows.The resulting hair image is almost indistinguishable from a real eyebrow. The 3D Hair Technique is the most natural eyebrow contouring procedure and is difficult to recognize even when viewed closely.In permanent makeup, in addition to the fact that the procedure is performed by professionals, the quality of the sizes used is also very important for both your health and more permanent results.

Which Brands Are Used?

The quality of the lengths used in permanent makeup is very important for your health and permanence.The brands we use in our outpatient clinic are Reza’s, Long-timer and Goldeneye.

How Long Does It Last?

The permanence period of eyebrow contouring application varies according to your skin structure, but it is 2 – 5 years.

How Many Sessions Will The Process Be Completed in?

The eyebrow contouring process is completed in one session.After the application, small scabs form on the eyebrow, these scabs should not be peeled off.The shells are completely shed within 1 week after application.


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