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Previous unsuccessful permanent makeup applications are corrected by our Permanent Makeup Specialist Hülya Demiral and you are provided with the appearance you want.Defects such as deformities, asymmetrical appearance, disproportionate drawing, color mismatches caused by eyebrow contouring, permanent eyeliner, lip contouring application are corrected.The correction process is always more difficult than the new procedure, and successful results can only be achieved when applied by professional permanent makeup specialists.

Permanent makeup correction is a procedure to correct problems that occur after a cosmetic procedure, commonly known as “permanent makeup” or “micropigmentation”.Permanent makeup is a technique that involves injecting a special pigment into the skin, especially in areas such as eyebrows, lips or eyeliner.This can reduce the need to use makeup products and offer a lasting look over a period of time.

However, over time, skin discoloration, changes in shape or undesirable results may occur.In this case, one can resort to permanent makeup correction.Permanent makeup correction is a procedure to correct the initial application, rebalance the color or adjust the shape.

Permanent makeup correction is usually done with specialized equipment and by a specialized practitioner.This process is personalized according to the person’s wishes and skin condition.Depending on the results of the first permanent makeup application, the person may decide on a corrective procedure and usually several sessions may be required.


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